Devesh Sodha | DEVSO

Devesh Sodha is an award winning, international composer for Film, TV, Theatre and Games. Devesh has built an international career as a music composer and music producer over the span of 10 years. He has worked on several successful theatre shows which have toured across the UK, multiple short films and also a feature film released internationally, for which Devesh was nominated Best Soundtrack for Feature at the Hollywood Dreamz Film Festival 2018. Recently, Devesh won the Bronze Award for Best Music – Music Video at the Queen Palm Film Festival 2019 for his work on the acclaimed music video; Mad About The Boy.

Over the years, Devesh has composed various genres of music including Action, Horror, Thriller, Drama, and has worked with major companies such as Paramount, Ubisoft, Forbes, Nike, Harley Davidson, EMI, Really Slow Motion, Twisted Jukebox and many more to create custom scores for advertisements and trailers.

Devesh’s music has been featured in multiple mediums. This includes the feature film, Outlawed (2018) which was nominated for Best Score for a Feature at the Hollywood Dreamz Film Festival 2018, promotional campaigns for Marvel’s Loki (2021), Godzilla Vs Kong (2021), Rose Island (2020), Allied (2016), Far Cry Primal (2015), Star Trek Discovery (2017), Michigan Football (2014), Oregon State University (2013) and The Curse of La Llorona (2019), television shows such as MythBusters, Team Seal and a Netflix Original: Terrorism Close Calls, and even animation, as seen in the award winning student-film On The Fence (2014).

An artist in his own right, Sodha has released a solo industry album, Second Earth (2015) which featured Grammy nominated cellist Tina Guo, renowned singer Uyanga Bold, video game vocalist Aeralie Brighton and collaborations with two other composers, Anze Rozman & Stephen M Lloyd. The album has been used in many TV Shows and promotional campaigns around the world. Currently, Devesh is working on his second solo industry album that will be released mid 2019 with Twisted Jukebox.

Devesh’s theatre work has reached all corners of the UK with successful tours such as Phizzical Productions adaptation of Shakespeare’s Cymbeline (2013) which toured to 22 venues nationally. He also composed for their latest production; Bring on The Bollywood (2016 & 2017). The show saw him composing several original Bollywood songs as well as two reimagined renditions of iconic Bollywood songs Lag Ja Gale & Satyam Shivam Sundaram. Bring On The Bollywood received positive reviews, with reviewers highlighting Devesh’s authentic soundtrack. In 2015, Devesh worked with Martial Artist and Director Chirag Lukha for the show Fangs Of Fortune (2015) to create Chinese cinematic music. This successful collaboration saw Devesh working with Chinese musician Ling Peng, world renowned singer Uyanga Bold, ethnic flute player William Arnold, cellist Tina Guo and a 40 piece string section which was recorded in Bulgaria with Four For Music LTD.

In 2016, Devesh produced his debut concert; Chaplin’s Raj (2016). Chaplin’s Raj celebrated India’s 70th Independence Day, using a mixture of works by Charlie Chaplin’s The Immigrant and Raj Kapoor’s Shree 420, both of which were re-scored with Sodha’s signature style. Devesh has just release his newest concert AiKama (2021) on Vimeo OnDemand. Performed in the prestigious LSO St Luke’s, featuring amazing solo artists Jasdeep Singh Degun (Sitar), Rishii Chowdhury (Tabla), Ling Peng (Erhu) and Cheng Yu (Pipa) and performed by the amazing London Film Music Orchestra.